Brooks offers a full range of British, American and ISO chains to suit a wide variety of industries and budget requirements. Working closely with the worlds leading chain manufacturers we can give you advice and recommendations to help you select exactly the right specification of chain for your application. Whether you are working to a tight budget or looking for a leading maintenance-free chain, Brooks will ensure you always find exactly what you need, at a price that fits.

Brooks Limited has been supplying Can Making Chains for over 25 years. We supply and manufacture chains utilised in decorating and welding cans in both the 2-piece and 3-piece can industries.

Tin Printing Chains

Tin printing chains run in pairs and convey sheet metal through a decoration and curing process prior to final guillotining and welding

Soudronic Chains

Soudronic Chains run precisely in pairs aligning plate so that the seam along the length of the can is welded straight. They are manufactured to 1/3 or ‡ of the DIN tolerance and are pre-stretched and colour coded ensuring the chains are paired perfectly.

Body Maker Chains

These chains are supplied with a special bent attachment every pitch or every eighth pitch both sides of the chain.