High Performance Chains

With over 30 years extensive experience working with the two-piece can industry, Brooks has become the world’s leading authority on the design and manufacture of pin oven chains that convey cans through curing ovens.

Our continual innovation and investment has enabled us to meet the changing demands of the industry. We have developed an unrivalled portfolio of specialist chains to meet all possible requirements, providing trouble-free operation and increased line efficiency.

Working with experts in some of the leading plants around the world, Brooks, together with their technical partners have developed chains which are revolutionizing the can industry.

Integral Pin Chain

Riveted throughout, including the extended pin, a chain that is widely regarded as offering the longest chain life in the industry.

Hollow Pin Chain

Lock nuts developed to aerospace industry standards secure the pins in the chain yet allow quick and easy replacement whenever necessary.

Front Fixing Pin Oven Chain

Similar to the hollow pin chain, this design also allows for easy replacement of the can-carrying pin, but the fact that the fastening mechanism is on the same side makes it ideal for encapsulated chain guide systems.

O-Ring Pin Oven Chain

High temperature lubrication sealed within this chain means that usage of additional operational lubrication, and any product contamination that might occur as a result, is greatly reduced.

Lube Free Pin Oven Chain

Can makers the world over have been looking for a chain that would run on modern high speed lines with zero operational lubrication. This chain meets that need and represents a true breakthrough in pin chain technology, providing a totally clean system.

Optima Pin Oven Chain

The superior surface treatments applied to the chain bearing pins of the Optima model produce a chain of exceptional quality, offering excellent results in minimal lubrication environments.

Dual Pin Chain

Dual pin chain – can carrying pins fixed on both sides of the chain allow double production quantities at low speeds.